Other Services

We also offer other video, audio and multimedia related services. Please select the item.

If you don’t see a service you require please get in touch.

We may not be able to do it but we might know someone who can.

35mm slides

Photos and Slides to DVD or USB

With the advent of digital cameras many people are just storing their photos on their PC.

We can scan photos, slides and even negatives to CD, DVD or USB as a slideshow to enable you to view all your photos on your computer screen or television. We can also give you the source files which you can use in your own documents. We can then make CD or DVD copies to send copies to friends or colleagues. We can also get prints of your photos for you.

During the transfer we colour correct any faded slides, remove light dirt and crop out the slide border.

We also have facilities to download your digital pictures directly from your memory cards.

DVD Slideshows

We take you photos – either printed photos, slides or digital photos –  and put them on a DVD that you can play as a slideshow on your TV or computer.

Memory Cards

Memory Cards to USB

We can transfer content from your memory cards to USB or DVD.

Photos and videos can be made into a DVD to play on your TV or computer.

Smartphone Video to DVD

Smartphone Video

We can take the video files off your phone and make them into a DVD or just copy them to a USB stick.

Audio tapes to CD

Audio Tape Transfers

We can transfer:

  • reel to reel tapes to CD
  • cassettes to CD
  • audio to mp3 and supply on CD or USB

While transferring we can edit the tapes or try to improve the quality if appropriate.

broken tape

Video Tape Repairs

We can repair in preparation for transfer to DVD or USB:

  • Broken or damaged tape shells.
  • Tangled, mangled or broken sections of tape. Damaged sections of tape will be removed, to make the tape playable. You will lose this portion of tape.
  • Tapes that won’t play, or get ejected by a video recorder.
  • Tapes with missing pieces.

We can’t repair mouldy tapes. We can try and copy tapes with minor spots of mould but not when the whole tape is mouldy.

DVD Recovery

Have you ever had a recordable DVD stop playing?

Forgotten to finalise a DVD before removing it from your camera?
Or have your favourite photos “disappeared” from your memory card/stick?

Recordable DVDs are quite susceptible to scratching. It’s these scratches that make it difficult to read in a standard DVD player.

We have been quite successful in recovering data from damaged DVDs and CDs and even memory cards. The small 8cm DVDs you put in video cameras seem very susceptible to corruption.

However recovery is not guaranteed so we will operate on a “no recovery no fee” basis

One customer thought the DVD of his little girl winning a talent contest was gone forever. However we managed to recover it in it’s entirety and he was over the moon – as was his daughter!

Your Content Goes Here

Have you got some video, maybe on your phone, that you want to share on YouTube but don’t know how?

We can do this for you.

We’ll set up a YouTube account and add your video. We could also edit for you first.