Cine Film to DVD/USB

pile of cine

Remember all those old cine films you used to have?

With Cine to DVD or USB we can transfer these old films onto DVD or USB stick so you can relive all those childhood memories without the hassle of trying to get the projector to work!

With Cine to DVD transfer at VideoPoint we can transfer Super 8, Standard 8, 9.5mm and 16mm films.

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More Information on Cine to DVD

The very fact that you are reading this means you have already realised how much easier it will be to play a DVD or computer file to re-live all those memories, rather than having to get out that old projector equipment!. See below to find out what type of cine film you have and how to find out how much it will cost to transfer. We look forward to hearing from you and if you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact us.

  • Standard 8mm: 8mm cine film is one of the most common formats. It is 8mm across and has the sprockets on the right hand side spaced at 4mm intervals and they are in line with the edge of the frame. Typically 50ft lasts about 4 minutes.
  • Super 8: Is similar to 8mm but the sprocket holes are slightly smaller and the are in line with the centre of the frame. Typically 50ft lasts about 3.5 minute.
  • 16mm: This is not as common as 8mm. The size of the film is 16mm across and usually has sprocket holes down both sides of the film, except when there is a soundtrack. 16mm comes on larger reels and runs faster than 8mm. So an equivalent footage is shorter.
  • 9.5mm: This is a very old format and is about 9.5 mm across and it is characterised by the sprocket holes down the centre of the film.

How much cine have I got?
Cine film is measured in feet and comes on various sizes of reels.
For Standard 8 and Super 8:
The smallest reel holds 50 feet of cine.
The next standard size is 200 feet and then 400 feet.
The easiest way to measure your footage is measure the size of the reel:

  • A 50ft reel is 3 inches across.
  • A 200ft reel is 5 inches across.
  • A 400ft reel is 7 inches across

Most larger reels have a gauge on the reel to show you how much cine is on the reel. Refer to this gauge if you have partly filled larger reels.

How much does it cost to transfer on to DVD/USB?
The rate is from 8p per foot plus a transfer charge of £25.00 per order.

  • A 50ft reel is £5
  • A 200ft reel is £18
  • A 400ft reel is £32

What is the quality like?
Film has varying amounts of grai